We value our customers' experience at Physical Therapy Associates. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

"I Love Astym treatment! It helped my knee and neck."

I highly recommend Astym treatment. I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my neck which was causing pain in my neck, shoulder, elbow and wrist. I couldn’t do tasks such as blow drying my hair, use a curling arm, write for any length of time, use a computer keyboard or turn my neck to back up a car without pain. Having had a positive experience with Astym treatment after knee surgery, I knew I needed to head to my local physical therapist, Guy Wallace at Physical Therapy Associates. After he examined me, he again suggested the Astym treatment for my pain. Immediately following the first Astym treatment, I found tremendous relief from the pain. I continued to receive the treatments and was quickly able to do the tasks that I previously had been unable to do with less pain. Astym is non-invasive and feels like a mini-massage to the painful area. For the Astym treatment, they stimulate, restore and regenerate damaged soft tissues. Don’t give up on your pain, joint or muscle stiffness, etc. until you try Astym treatment. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

Susan, Retired Teacher, Business Owner, Grandmother of 3, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

"I am now PAIN FREE!"

When the surgeon told me that surgery on my back would not help and referred me to physical therapy for dry needling I was upset. My first thought was if you can't help me how will physical therapy help me. I was in so much pain it had affected my life tremendously. I had been suffering from back pain for a very long time. I was willing to do whatever the surgeon suggested but I was really not feeling physical therapy was the answer. I started going to the Hodgenville clinic to see Ms. Alice at the beginning of December and now it is the middle of January and I am PAIN FREE! I can not thank the therapists enough. They were all very professional and caring to me. The exercises they gave me to continue at home has kept me feeling great. Thank you Hodgenville PTA for a job well done. I am forever grateful to you.

Neal, A friend forever to PTA, Hodgenville, Kentucky

"Getting me back to life one stretch at a time!"

Thank you so very much for listening to me and for the therapy program you set up for me. Last week for the first time in months I began to recognize my arm is mine. It feels more free and loose, not calling for attention as usual. Soon I'll be taking it for granted again, I'm sure - but I hope not. I hope I'll be more mindful and grateful for the wonder of the human body. I'm also beginning to notice a real overall change in the way my baby is holding me up and this is wonderful! Thank you to the super therapist and staff making the changes possible - truly "getting me back to life one stretch at a time!"

Blessings, Carol from Bardstown, Kentucky

"So thankful for my Physical Therapy!"

I was recently referred to physical therapy for knee pain I had been experiencing for several months. I am an avid runner and log several miles a week. Over the course of six months I had been treated for my knee pain with anti-inflammatory medicine and rest. I would get some relief and start running again but as the pain became unbearable I went back to my doctor who insisted I see a physical therapist. I did not want to "waste" my time with them. However, my insurance would not approve any diagnostic testing until I went to physical therapy. I reluctantly showed up for my first appointment where I was thoroughly evaluated and accessed for any gait abnormalities. My therapist put together a plan combined with ASTYM, and other feel good stuff. In just over two weeks she had me almost pain free. I am now slowly running again with no pain. She has set a running plan for me to follow for a slow increase combined with the exercises/stretches to keep me running. I will go back to see her in two weeks to make sure I am still pain free. Thank you Physical Therapy Associates, Inc for helping me run again and NOT "wasting" my time!

Forever Grateful Patient, Katie, PTA, Radcliff, Kentucky

Thank you Physical Therapy Associates for making me feel better. I had bilateral total knee replacements and I could not have done it without all of your hard work and encouragement. It really is the best place to come and feel better not just physically but emotionally as well. You guys were the best medicine for me. Thanks again.

Joseph from Elizabethtown, Kentucky