Common Treatments

There are a variety of treatments that we offer to our patients. It is up to your therapist to collaborate with you on which interventions you are comfortable with, and which ones they think will provide you benefit. Check out some of the more common ones we provide!

Manual Stretching

A common one in any Physical Therapist tool belt, and one that all patients can tolerate! From strains, to pains, or just general tightness from an injury or surgery, manual stretching by your therapist can improve mobility and decrease pain. Get moving with our help!


Our therapists are ASTYM certified to address chronic pain and restricted tissue mobility. You can check out more information here on the ASTYM website to see what this treatment entails.

Dry Needling

Dealing with sore muscles, or trigger points, preventing you from being able to move like you want to? Frequent headaches? Our therapists are trained in dry needling in order for more targeted treatments to specific muscles to provide almost instant relief. For more information on dry needling, reach out to one of our offices, or check out this quick blog that gives a run down on what to expect and how it can benefit you.

Athletic Taping

Despite the name, not only athletes can benefit from these taping techniques to either facilitate, or inhibit, muscles as needed. These taping techniques do more than just provide support like an ACE wrap can provide, but actually promote improved mechanics with motion to allow for better function while on the road to recovery. Our therapists are Kinesio taping certified to address a variety of issues in all populations, not just athletes.


Deep pain in muscles or other soft tissue? Try our cupping techniques to help decrease inflammation, improve mobility, and return to normal function!

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dealing with vertigo or dizziness? Our therapists can help with repositioning techniques for the inner ear to calm these symptoms down in as little as one visit! Don't live with the fear of falling, vomiting, or not wanting to even roll over in bed and get treated today!